YNN at UN 2023 Water Conference

A global virtual side event of UN 2023 Water Conference

Water is Life Water for all

The most valuable and significant natural resource on Earth is water. It keeps all life going. Without water, life cannot exist. Water is essential not only for humans but also for the ecosystem as a whole. Water covers about 71% of Earth’s surface. Sadly, freshwater accounts for only 3% of the available water. Glaciers and ice caps that have frozen over account for approximately two-thirds of the freshwater. Groundwater and surface water account for the remaining small amount.

This global event will showcasing learnings, Interactions, and networking with stakeholders, will empower to carry out effective advocacy for sectoral technological interventions, innovations and scale up implementation at national level. It will reflect in building economically viable and self-sustaining water supply and sanitation schemes for long term basis.Intend to prioritize pollution abatement & rejuvenation of water bodies as a priority infrastructure intervention to achieve water security status quo of urban & rural areas. Rejuvenation work needs to be cross funded from water projects and strategies with fast-track project execution. It will be possible by detailed quantification of both direct and indirect economic benefits of projects for well being & sustainable living of all. Our event outcome will be voluntary commitments for the Water Action Agenda and cross-sectoral partnerships with present stakeholders.

YNN’s Water Action Agenda Commitment

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